How to use bronzer three different ways

When choosing makeup products, it's great when one product can be used multiple ways. Setting powder prevents foundation from smudging and functions like primer when applied to the eye area, where it stops eye shadow from creasing. Lipstick can double for blush in a pinch. Bronzing powder can, and should, be used in multiple ways as well.
Since bronzing powder tends to come in large-sized pans, you can really stretch your makeup dollar by using it on your cheeks, eyes, and nose. Select the correct brush for each job, and you'll finish your makeup in record time. A fluffy brush is ideal for cheeks. Grab a blending brush to use bronzer as eye shadow, then use a detail brush to lightly contour your nose. And, as always, be sure to pick a shade that's 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone to get the full effect.
- Bronzing powder
- Fluffy dome-shaped bronzing brush
- Eye shadow blending brush
- Small detail brush
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1. Warm up your complexion and define your cheeks by swirling a fluffy dome-shaped bronzing brush in the bronzer. Tap the brush handle against the counter or the bronzing compact to remove excess product.
2. Sweep the bronzer along the cheekbones in small, circular motions. Begin at the hairline near the top of your ear and work diagonally until you reach the middle of the cheek.
3. Using the eye shadow blending brush, define the crease of your eyes by brushing bronzer back and forth in windshield wiper motions.
4. With a detail brush, brush a small amount of bronzer in a straight line on each side of your nose to visually straighten your nose. Tip: Align the brush in the middle of your nostril, but be careful not to draw the lines too close together. Diffuse the bronzer gently by blending toward the center of the nose, then blur the lines even more with the tip of your finger.
Using bronzer in multiple ways makes streamlining your makeup routine a breeze. Share these bronzing tips on Facebook.
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