2 dos and don'ts when removing lip makeup

There's nothing better than a statement lip look. It's truly the quickest way to elevate your makeup and give your look an edge. But wearing lipstick is not without its trials and tribulations. And one of the biggest? How to get it off at the end of the day.
Luckily, this handy guide will teach you exactly how to get your pout scrubbed clean, using just a couple of products you probably already own. It also features some tips on what not to do in order to keep your lips in the best possible condition.
Vaseline or other petroleum jelly.
Micellar water.
Cotton round.
Fierce League
1. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline over your lipstick. Gently rub it into your lips with a fingertip.
2. Put some micellar water on a cotton round. Rub the cotton round over your lips and remove the Vaseline and lip makeup.
3. Never go in with a dry tissue or cotton round, as it will drag at your lips and cause irritation.
4. Don't press or rub too hard. The Vaseline layer should help melt away your makeup, meaning it can be softly wiped away without too much pressure.
5. Once you're satisfied your lips are totally clean, reapply a thinner layer of Vaseline to add moisture.

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