Learn to avoid these beauty mistakes when cleansing

Putting on makeup is fun, but taking it off can be a chore. And, if it isn't done properly, your skin will suffer the consequences. While skin doesn't actually breathe, it will have a healthy glow if you care for it properly each day.
Makeup removal techniques vary, depending on the types of products you wear. For example, false eyelashes have to be removed with care, or else the lash band will deteriorate. Makeup wipes are a good investment, but they can't really cut through foundation or lipstick on their own. The following videos will help you avoid common makeup removal mistakes while keeping your skin in tip-top shape.
Three beauty mistakes to avoid when removing eye makeup
Going to bed without removing your eye makeup is a serious no-no. Not only will it end up on your pillowcase, but it can also lead to a nasty eye infection. Before getting your beauty rest, take the time to remove your eye makeup thoroughly. Proper removal requires a few different steps. Get the tutorial here.
Two dos and don'ts when removing lip makeup
Today's lip stains and liquid lipstick have true staying power. That longevity is great when it comes to minimizing touch-ups, but keeping your lips healthy means removing your lip color before you hit the hay. As tempting as it is to just use a dry tissue, adopt a gentle makeup removal routine instead. Two simple changes will keep your lips looking luscious, so that your favorite lipstick always applies beautifully. Get the tutorial here.
Three dos and don'ts when removing makeup from your face
While removing your makeup can sometimes be a pain, foundation can be especially stubborn. Ensure your face is truly clean by adopting a multistep approach. Makeup wipes reduce some of the work, but you'll need a few additional products to make sure your face is clean and thoroughly moisturized. Get the tutorial here.
The best method to remove makeup from your face
This skincare tip may surprise you, but cleansing oil removes makeup better than most foaming cleansers. Oil breaks down oil, which means your skin will be cleaner if you start your cleansing routine by massaging cleansing oil into your skin. After that, cleanse your entire face with micellar water. This gentle approach will ensure your makeup goes on better the next day. Get the tutorial here.
The lazy way to remove makeup
There are many options for removing makeup, but if you're exhausted or simply don't have time to wash your face, oil cleansing is the way to go. A good oil cleanser has both cleansing and hydrating properties, so it will remove your makeup and add moisture to your skin. This method doesn't require makeup wipes or a foaming cleanser, but you will need to repeat the process just to be thorough. Get the tutorial here.
Ah! At the end of a long day, it feels so satisfying to be makeup-free. Sweet dreams, lovelies. Please share these cleansing tips on Facebook.

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