Create a luminous look for the mother of the bride

Having flawless makeup isn't always a necessity. But if your daughter is getting married, you'll be in a lot of photographs. This is one occasion when you should spend a little more time on your makeup. Bridal makeup is meant to be dewy, romantic and luminous. As the mother of the bride, you also need makeup that will last all day.
Even though you won't be the center of attention, you still want to look your best. Neutral colors and earth tones are the most natural and photograph beautifully because they are soft and subtle. The Anastasia of Beverly Hills "Modern Romance" palette is featured in this tutorial, but any brand of taupe, rosy mauve and gold shadow will work just fine.
The model has eyelash extensions, but this soft makeup look doesn't require them. Just make sure your mascara is waterproof. Tears are inevitable on wedding days.
- Eye shadow primer (not shown)
- Matte taupe eye shadow
- Dome-shaped eye shadow brush
- Matte rosy mauve eye shadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Gold shimmer eye shadow
- Waterproof mascara
- Peachy pink lip gloss
- Setting spray
Fierce League
1. To keep your eye shadow in place all day, prime the entire eye area with eye shadow primer. Pat it in with your finger, and wait until it dries before applying eye shadow.
2. Apply matte taupe eye shadow to the lid and crease of the eye with the eye shadow brush.
3. Deepen the outer corner of the lid by applying matte rosy mauve eye shadow with the fluffy blending brush.
4. Apply gold shimmer eye shadow to the center of the lid with the eye shadow brush. Tip: Patting the eye shadow into place will prevent fallout.
5. Apply two coats of waterproof mascara to the lashes.
6. Apply peachy pink lip gloss to the lips. Tip: Light glossy colors make the lips look fuller.
7. Spritz your face with setting spray by holding the bottle approximately 6 inches away from your face. This will keep your makeup in place all day.
Now, try not to cry as your little girl walks down the aisle. Hang in there, Mom! Stay pretty, and share these makeup tips on Facebook.​

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