How to highlight and contour mature skin

There are several factors to consider when applying makeup to mature skin. In terms of highlighting and contouring, your focus should be on coverage, texture, durability and, of course, range of shimmer. Keep these elements in mind during your next purchase, and you won’t have to worry about the products settling into your facial lines or creating unsightly streaks.
Highlighter and contour palettes have become as indispensable to most makeup wearers as mascara and blush. If you aren’t accustomed to these products, however, you may be lacking some subtle yet significant strategies that usually ensure flawless application. Fortunately, this tutorial has everything you need to know to highlight and contour your face like a pro.
- Dual-ended sculpting pencil
- Blending blush
1. Highlight the lower portion of your brow with the lighter shade on the dual-ended sculpting pencil. Swipe the same hue onto the inner corner of your eye, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and chin.
2. Repeat the same step on your lower eye area.
3. Contour your crease, nose and lower lip with the darker shade on your dual-ended sculpting pencil.
4. Add the same hue to your cheekbone, upper forehead area and jawline.
5. Blend the product into your skin with the brush. Remember to use light strokes when highlighting and contouring your face. Adding too much product will make it harder for your skin to absorb it. Also, you may end up looking like a mime if you go overboard.
6. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of your face. Share these clever tips for mature skin on Facebook.
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