How to do your makeup with just five products

Getting a few extra minutes of sleep often takes priority, and some days, it's simply impossible to find time for yourself. If you're looking to shorten your regular makeup routine, then this five-step approach is the perfect way to get started.
Formal occasions may call for full face makeup, but tinted moisturizer can give you a polished appearance in a fraction of the time. It's also easier to apply than foundation when you're in a hurry. Multitasking products are key to a time saving routine. Cream blush can double as a lip tint, and eye shadow crayons can define your lash line and create depth and dimension. Don't forget about that highlighter, either. It brings a touch of light to all your features and doubles as a brightening eye shadow when placed on the center of the eyelid.
- Tinted moisturizer
- Fluffy blending brush
- Dusty rose cream blush stick
- Brown metallic cream eye shadow crayon
- Eye shadow brush
- Clear mascara
- Warm gold powder highlighter
- Fan brush
Fierce League
1. Apply tinted moisturizer to the back of your hand to warm it up. Dip a fluffy blending brush in the moisturizer, then brush it over the face wherever you have dark spots or redness, including under the eyes, around the nose and on the eyelids.
2. Warm the blush stick on the back of your hand, then apply a few dots of blush to the cheeks and the lips. Pat and diffuse the color with your fingers.
3. Warm the brown metallic cream eye shadow crayon on the back of your hand, then sweep the crayon along the upper lash line and onto the outer corner of the eye lid. Build up the color by applying additional shadow to the eye shadow brush, then sweep the color along the crease.
4. Apply clear mascara to the brows and lashes to give them a touch of shine.
5. Sweep warm gold powder highlighter onto the tops of the cheekbones with a fan brush. You can also highlight the center of the eyelid, bridge of the nose, chin, and cupid's-bow.
How simple was that? Five products. Five steps. Stay pretty, and please share these makeup tips on Facebook.

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