Create a soft, natural look for date night

Achieving the right makeup look for date night is stressful no matter how old you are, but picking the right products can make it much easier. While dramatic eye shadow colors and winged liner might have been staples when you were younger, softer neutral shades are more flattering on mature skin.
When applying makeup for an evening out, keep things subtle. The lighting will play in your favor. This soft look uses matte eye shadow instead of shimmer. Matte colors minimize texture on the eyelids while adding dimension and drama. Ditch the black eye liner, which can look harsh, and use brown instead. Finally, opt for a cream highlighter and a rosy neutral lip. Cream products don't settle into fine lines, and neutral shades make lips look fuller.
- Liquid concealer
- Fluffy blending brush
- Cream highlighter
- Matte ivory eye shadow
- Eye shadow brush
- Matte taupe eye shadow
- Brown cream eye shadow crayon
- Small, flat bristled brush
- Mascara
- Rose-colored lip balm
- Warm neutral lip stain
Fierce League
1. Apply liquid concealer below the eyes and on any dark or red spots. Blend into the skin with a fluffy blending brush. Tip: You can also apply concealer onto the eyelid to cover discoloration, but make sure the concealer is completely dry before applying eye shadow on top.
2. To illuminate your complexion, tap cream highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones with your fingers.
3. Brighten your eyelids by applying matte ivory eye shadow with an eye shadow brush.
4. Create depth and dimension by applying matte taupe eye shadow in the crease and on the outer corner of the lid with an eye shadow brush.
5. Use a small, flat bristled brush to apply brown cream eye shadow to the upper lash line.
6. Sweep one or two coats of mascara onto the lashes. Note: The model is wearing eyelash extensions.
7. Enhance the natural color of your lips by applying rose-colored lip balm.
8. Add a touch of neutral lip stain to the lips to make them look more natural.
Enjoy your night out! Stay pretty, and please share these makeup tips on Facebook.

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