How to conceal dark under-eye circles in 3 clever ways

It’s impossible to prevent dark under-eye circles, but there are steps you can take to minimize their appearance. While topical treatments like cold cucumbers are effective, you’re not likely to use them in the morning, especially if you’re rushing to get out the door. Invest in a moisturizing eye cream for more immediate results, preferably a brand that has anti-inflammatory properties. Another secret weapon is to arm yourself with a concealer that matches your unique skin tone. A color-correcting primer added before you apply the concealer will also help neutralize dark under-eye discoloration.
Remember, certain foods can contribute to under-eye puffiness. Reduce your alcohol intake and don’t over-consume salty food, which can dehydrate you and worsen the appearance of your eye bags.
- Peach concealer
- Blending brush (small and large)
- A concealer that matches your skin tone
- Full-coverage concealer
- Setting powder
1. Apply the peach concealer underneath your eyes using a blending brush. Blend the hue until it’s fully absorbed into your skin. Since most under-eye circles tend to have bluish undertones, a peach tinge will better cancel them out.
2. Dab on the concealer that closely resembles your skin tone, making sure it’s thoroughly blended.
3. Layer the full-coverage concealer on the same spot. Be sure to bring the hue to your eyelids as well.
4. Sweep the setting powder under your eyes and onto your eyelids to seal the products in place. Share these dark under-eye concealing techniques on Facebook.
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