How to use blush on fair skin

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, most people know how to contour these days. Applying blush is another story, however. Pick up too much product or the wrong color, and you can end up looking cartoonish. Blush should never look like a racing stripe, and many people never learn how to master its application. That's why so many people skip blush altogether.
Historically, blush has been used to give a complexion a rosy glow — a sign of wellness, and a kiss of color in the dead of winter. Picking the right shade can be difficult, so consider your overall skin tone plus your undertones. If you have a fair complexion, the following video will show you what to use, how to apply it, and what to avoid entirely.
- Light pink or peach blush
- Fluffy blush brush
Fierce League
1. Lightly sweep the makeup brush across the surface of the blush.
2. Tap off excess powder.
3. Sweep the brush from the apple of your cheek toward your ear in a diagonal motion along your cheekbone.
4. Swirl the brush against your cheek in gentle circular motions to diffuse the color and prevent harsh lines. Repeat this step on the other cheek.
Remember: You can always intensify the color by applying an additional layer. If you overdo it initially, lightly stroke a makeup remover wipe over the area. Let it dry, then reapply your base makeup and start again.​

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