Learn how to master a smoky eye that's perfect for fair skin

Smoky eye makeup has always been in style. It's sexy, sultry and sometimes hard to pull off. If your fair skin has you shying away from this trend, it's time for a change.
Despite what you might think, any color can be intensified. This includes even the lightest shimmer shades found in most eye shadow palettes made for people with fair skin. In fact, the color you see in the photo above doesn't actually exist as a single shade.
This softer smoky style relies on a creamy black base for intensity. While a matte black shadow may achieve a similar effect, black crayon eye shadow works best. It's affordable and can double as eye liner when needed.
To round out this glamorous look, add some false lashes, bronzer and high shine lip gloss. The tutorial video shows the entire look step by step, so get ready to go glam!
- Translucent setting powder
- Cosmetic sponge
- Eye shadow primer
- Small eye shadow brush
- Matte ivory eye shadow
- Matte light brown eye shadow
- Black eye shadow crayon
- Dense eye shadow blending brush
- Medium beige shimmer eye shadow
- Fluffy eye shadow brush
- Matte deep brown eye shadow
- Eyelash curler
- False lashes
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Lash placement tool
- Black mascara
- Ivory shimmer eye shadow
- Small pointed eye shadow brush
- Fluffy powder brush
- Light-colored setting powder
- Fluffy cheek brush
- Bronzer
- Gold shimmer lip gloss
- Highlighting powder
Fierce League
1. Pat a small amount of translucent setting powder below the eyes with a cosmetic sponge. The powder will catch excess eye shadow so you can sweep it away with ease later.
2. Prepare the entire eye area by applying eye shadow primer with a small eye shadow brush.
3. Sweep ivory eye shadow on brow bone with an eye shadow brush.
4. Apply light brown matte eye shadow in the crease of your eye lid.
5. Apply black eye shadow crayon to the lid and diffuse with a dense blending brush.
6. Layer medium beige shimmer eye shadow over the black eye shadow, using the fluffy eye shadow brush.
7. To add depth, sweep deep brown eye shadow under eyes and on outer corners of the lids in a "V" shape. Blend away any harsh edges.
8. Line the lower waterline with black crayon eye shadow.
9. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
10. Use the lash placement tool to hold the false lashes while you put a small amount of glue on the lash band. Apply the lashes just above your natural lashes and hold for a few seconds to ensure they're secure.
11. Apply black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
12. Dust a small amount of ivory shimmer eye shadow near the tear duct, using a small pointed eye shadow brush.
13. Swirl a fluffy powder brush in light-colored setting powder, then sweep the brush below your eyes to remove the translucent powder from step one.
14. Apply bronzer to the tops of your cheek bones with the fluffy cheek brush.
15. Apply gold shimmer gloss on your lips.
16. Brush highlighting powder on the top of your cheeks and along the bridge of your nose with the cheek brush.
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