Learn how to highlight with powder and liquid products

Actresses always seem to be cast in a glowy light that makes their skin seem ethereal. They also have a team of photographers and makeup artists working around the clock to ensure that they look their very best no matter what the circumstances.
Unfortunately, most people don't have access to those services, but learning to use highlighting products can ensure you're ready for your close-up day or night. Whether you like powder or liquid products, the following video will help you determine where to place them for the best effect.
Tools also matter, so invest in a pair of brushes, so you'll have the right tool for each product. Apply powder products with a brush. For precision, use a dense, short-bristled brush with liquid products and your fingers when highlighting your cheekbones, lips or temples.
Ready to get started?
- Highlighting powder
- Fluffy dome-shaped brush
- Liquid highlighting drops
- Dense, short-bristled brush
Fierce League
1. When using highlighting powder, swirl a fluffy dome-shaped brush in the powder, then tap the brush handle against the counter to eliminate excess powder.
2. Brush highlighter onto the tip and bridge of your nose, under the arch of the brows, along the tops of the cheekbones, and just above the outer edge of the brow bones.
3. To create a more intense highlight, deposit a drop of liquid highlighting fluid on the back of your hand. Tip: Don't touch the dropper directly against your face because it will contaminate the dropper and apply too much product.
4. Pick up a small amount of liquid with the dense, short-bristled brush, and highlight the nose and brow bone once more.
5. If you want to intensify the glow on your cheekbones or lips, apply the highlighter with your ring finger in a tapping motion.
Both products work beautifully alone or combined, just be sure to apply the powder first, so that the sheen of the liquid will remain visible.
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