Learn how to conceal redness and lighten foundation

When you have fair skin, it can be difficult to find a foundation that's light enough to match your skin tone and still be pigmented enough to cover blemishes and facial redness. Most people try to use one product to handle everything, but foundation isn't usually enough.
The following video tutorial addresses both of these problems. Use green color correctors to cancel out redness, and apply them under your foundation so red spots or patches won't show through. Once you've concealed the redness, it's time to apply foundation. If your skin tends to be lighter during the winter and spring, or if you've bought the wrong shade entirely, lighten your foundation with a white foundation mixer.
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- Green color corrector
- Small flat makeup brush
- Foundation
- White foundation mixer
- Blending palette
- Blending spatula
- Foundation brush
- Light-colored setting powder
- Fluffy powder brush
Fierce League
1. To conceal redness, apply the green color corrector with a small makeup brush. Use a tapping or patting motion. Don't brush back and forth, as this can aggravate acne.
2. Adjust the color of your foundation by combining a small amount of white foundation mixer with it on a blending palette. Use the spatula to blend the two colors together, then test the new shade on your jawline. If the color is too light, add another drop of foundation. If the color is too dark, add more white foundation.
3. Apply the foundation mixture to your face using a foundation brush. Work the product into the skin in circular and patting motions.
4. Use a fluffy powder brush to apply matching setting powder to your face. This will keep your foundation in place longer and will prevent it from looking shiny.
While you may not need to use color correctors or foundation mixers every day, it's a good idea to keep them both on hand for emergencies.
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