How to clean foundation and concealer brushes

Makeup artists know that maintaining their tools helps them last longer. Makeup brushes, especially those used to apply liquid foundation and concealer, need to be washed weekly. Excess product can build up between the bristles, which can lead to a streaky or patchy application.
For daily cleaning, wipe the bristles on a microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove excess product and moisture. Most foundation brushes contain synthetic bristles. They're easier to maintain than natural hair brushes and can be cleaned with a variety of products.
The following tutorial features a cleansing routine that is designed to break down both oil and dirt so brushes will perform better longer.
- Two plates
- Olive oil
- Paper towels
- Bowl of water
- Liquid baby soap or shampoo
- Liquid dish soap
- Washcloth
Fierce League
1. Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a plate.
2. Lightly swirl the bristles of the brush in the oil, and wipe the brush head gently on a paper towel to remove the excess oil.
3. Repeat with other brushes as needed. Set the plate aside after this step to avoid accidentally using it again in Step five.
3. Dip the brush head into the water, but do not fully immerse the metal or plastic ferrule. The bristles are glued into the ferrule, and excess water intrusion can cause bristles to fall out.
4. Blot the brushes on a dry paper towel.
5. Mix equal amounts of liquid baby soap and liquid dish soap on the other plate, and swirl the brush head in the mixture.
6. Gently work the soap mixture into the bristles with your fingers. Swirl the brush in the water once more to remove the excess makeup.
7. Wipe the brush head on a clean, dry paper towel.
8. Roll the washcloth up on one end, and place the handle of the brush on the rolled end. This downward angle prevents water from settling into the ferrule while the brush dries.
9. Once the brushes are dry, gently fluff up the bristles to restore their soft texture.

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