Learn how to balance a bold lip with natural eye makeup

Lipstick has a long and interesting history. Bold lips, especially, have been en vogue throughout the years, and today's liquid lipstick makes the trend even easier to follow. Liquid products are often more pigmented, so the product lasts longer while delivering intense color.
If you've never worn a bold lip color, you should keep a couple of things in mind before trying one out. It's important to keep your face looking balanced. By opting for natural eye makeup, bold lipstick will really attract attention.
This tutorial shows how to achieve a naturally beautiful eye makeup look that doesn't clash or overpower a bold, berry lip. This combination is the most wearable for daytime, but feel free to pull out all the stops when prepping for a night on the town.
- Matte cream-colored eye shadow
- Fluffy eye shadow brush
- Matte charcoal eye shadow
- Angled eye liner brush
- Eyelash curler
- Black mascara
- Berry lip pencil
- Berry liquid lipstick
- Concealer
- Flat concealer brush
Fierce League
1. Apply cream-colored eye shadow on your entire eyelid with the fluffy eye shadow brush.
2. Line the upper lash line with charcoal eye shadow using an angled brush.
3. Curl eyelashes with the eyelash curler.
4. Apply two coats of black mascara to the lashes.
5. Line the lips with the berry lip pencil.
6. Fill in the lips with the berry liquid lipstick.
7. Dip the concealer brush in concealer and clean up any mistakes or smudges around the lip area.
8. Touch up your pout throughout the day to keep the color fresh and vibrant.

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