Fake a radiant glow with strobe cream and moisturizer

Seasonal weather can strip away moisture and leave skin looking dull and lifeless. Thankfully, it can be fixed without a trip to the dermatologist. You already know that strategically placed highlights draw attention to certain areas of your face, and strobe cream can achieve the same effect.
Moisturizing skin will help make it glow, but mixing strobe cream into your moisturizer will give you a lit-from-within effect. This trick works well alone or when worn under foundation. If you have a fair complexion, white and pink-toned beige strobe products work best. For optimal results, choose light to medium coverage base products and concealers so your newfound radiance will show through.
- Moisturizer
- Strobe cream
- Mixing palette
- Foundation brush
- Foundation
- Concealer
Fierce League
1. Place a small amount of moisturizer on the mixing palette and apply it to your entire face with a foundation brush.
2. Put more moisturizer and strobe cream on the palette and combine the two products with a foundation brush.
2. Apply the mixture to your entire face.
3. Apply foundation and concealer, as desired, with the foundation brush.
That's it! Vibrant, glowing skin is just a few seconds away.

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