Learn how to create lace-inspired heart tips

Lace has a long and interesting history without a single origin. Its popularity increased rapidly in the 16th century, and it is used to adorn collars, clothing, and linen to this day. Architects and sculptors also incorporate these intricate designs into their buildings and artwork, so it's easy to see why the trend has made its way to the world of nail art.
The lace-inspired heart design featured in this tutorial is made up of a sequence of brush strokes. Two hearts are joined together with straight lines, then a series of half circles and dots round out the design. An oval-shaped nail works best because the bottom of the heart is left unpainted.
- White gel nail polish (not shown)
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Dotting tool
- Black gel nail paint
- Fine detail brush
Fierce League
1. Apply white gel polish to the nails, then cure the paint with the lamp. Add a second coat of polish, if desired, and cure once more.
2. Dip the small end of a dotting tool into black gel paint and place a single dot in the middle of the nail. This will be the starting point for the top of the heart.
3. Create the top and sides of the heart design with the fine detail brush and black paint. Cure the paint with the lamp.
4. Paint a second partial heart design inside the first one, then cure the paint with the lamp.
5. Paint thin straight lines in between the two hearts, then cure the paint again.
6. Create the outer edge of the lace by painting semicircles outside the top of the heart.
7. Apply a small dot of black paint with the dotting tool just above each semicircle. Cure with the lamp.
Be prepared. Your co-workers will want to know how you created this intricate design. Stay pretty!

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