Create an edgy graffiti heart manicure

While some forms of graffiti are destructive, this nail design is freestyle art at its cutest. Heart designs are always in fashion, and when layered over a striking black and white background, they take on a slight edginess that keeps them from being too cutesy.
The trick to creating this layered heart design is to cure the nails in between colors. Each time you paint a sequence of hearts, cure the paint with your lamp before proceeding. This will ensure that each heart retains its shape and will also keep the colors from bleeding together.
- White and black gel nail polish (not shown)
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Red, pink and gold gel nail paint
- Fine detail brush
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white or black gel polish on alternating nails, then cure the polish with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Draw two to four hearts with the red paint using the fine detail brush on each nail. Cure with the lamp.
3. Paint multiple hearts with pink paint, then cure the paint with the lamp.
4. Paint gold hearts on each nail, overlapping the previous designs where desired. Cure the paint with the lamp.
Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can wear dozens of tiny hearts on your hands. Stay pretty, and enjoy your "lovely" graffiti!

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