How to create a lined-paper manicure

If you enjoyed school and writing assignments, then break out your supplies and create a mini-essay on your nails. This fun design draws inspiration from the composition books and notebook paper most people used in school.
Start with a white background, and draw horizontal and vertical lines to create the "paper." Pick any sentence or phrase that suits your fancy. The tutorial uses Melville's famous line from "Moby Dick," but this is your composition, so write what you want. Give yourself an A-plus for effort.
- White gel polish
- UV or LED lamp
- Blue gel paint
- Fine detail brush
- Red gel paint
- Black gel paint
- No-wipe gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish to your nails, curing them between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Draw horizontal lines on each nail with blue gel paint using the fine detail brush, and cure the paint with the lamp. Drawing partial lines in the center of the nail first will help you space them correctly and keep them straight. Layer more paint over the faint lines as needed.
3. Draw a vertical line near the right edge of the nail with the red paint and the fine detail brush. Cure the paint with the lamp before continuing.
4. Write the message between the blue lines with black gel paint and the fine detail brush. Cure the paint once more with the lamp.
5. Add an "A+" letter grade to your “composition” with the fine detail brush and red gel paint. Cure the paint with the lamp.
6. Apply a single layer of no-wipe gel top coat to your nails, and cure the gel with the lamp.

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