How to make tribal sticker nails

If you're in the mood to create a striking nail design but are short on time, nail stickers offer a great way to jazz up your manicure without spending ages painting designs. These fun tribal nail stickers boast a variety of colorful designs that are excellent accents whether you're hitting festivals this summer or just because.
Before you break open your nail stickers, paint your nails in a nude or light pink nail polish. Any light shade will do and serve as the perfect base for your tribal stickers. Mix up the stickers' color schemes for vibrant nails.
- Nude or light colored nail polish
- Gel top coat (Kupa Gelfinity Matte)
- Clear base coat
- Tribal nail stickers
- Tweezers
Fierce League
1. Apply one tribal nail sticker to the center of your nail using tweezers. Press it down with your fingertip so that it is flush to your nail.
2. Repeat step one on each finger until all ten fingernails have a sticker.
3. Affix smaller decorative tribal nail stickers to the sides of the main central nail sticker using your tweezers. Pat them down with your fingertip so they are firmly stuck to your nail. Repeat on each nail until you achieve the desired effect.
4. Paint each nail with the clear base coat to seal in the nail stickers. Allow the base coat to dry.
5. Paint each nail with the gel top coat for a longer lasting manicure and glossy finish.

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