Teddy bear nails to transport you back to childhood

Long gone are the days of Saturday morning cartoons when you were still sporting your favorite Care Bear pajamas. Those simple days were filled with all things cutesy and pastel, without one ounce of shame. While you're no longer that carefree child with zero responsibilities, who says you have to lose that childlike sense of style?
These teddy bear nails are a design your 10-year-old self would have loved. Back then, you probably didn't have the skill set to accomplish the look and were lucky if you managed to keep the polish on your nails and off the carpet. Break out your sticker collection and read on to discover how you can accomplish this adorable nail art.
- Base nail polish color
- Glitter nail polish
- Tweezers
- Teddy bear nail polish
- Top coat nail polish
- Heart confetti
Fierce League
1. Start the process by painting your nails the color of your choice. The tutorial features a pastel pink.
2. Once your nails have dried, apply a coat of sheer glitter nail polish.
3. After the glitter polish dries, use your tweezers to place the teddy bear stickers wherever they're most aesthetically pleasing.
4. Apply a top coat to your nails.
5. While nails are still sticky with the top coat nail polish, use the tweezers to place the heart confetti around the teddy bears.
6. Finished! If only your 10-year-old self could see you now.