Get out the door fast with this slicked back messy bun

When your plans call for lots of running around, doing laundry or cleaning house, mastering an updo is a must. This messy bun is just the right combination of casual and pulled together.
If you have face-framing layers or bangs, secure those with a few bobby pins first and then proceed with the rest of the steps in this tutorial. A high ponytail works best, but go low if your hair is short. Hair spray is a must. Use it to tame any flyaways while styling. Then spray everything once more to hold the finished look in place.
- Hair brush
- Hair spray
- Hair elastic
- Bobby pins
- Decorative ribbon or hair accent (optional)
Fierce League
1. Brush the hair away from your face starting at the forehead.
2. Spray the hair against your scalp with hair spray. This will help keep the hair sleek.
3. Pull all the hair back into a high ponytail and then secure it with a hair elastic.
4. Tease a few small sections of hair near the elastic to give the hair more volume. Then twist all the hair around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins.
5. Spray your hair once more with hair spray and use your fingers or the brush to smooth down any loose hair.
You're ready to get on with your day, but feel free to add a decorative ribbon or pin to add more drama to your style.
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