How to create the perfect paisley sticker nails

Paisley print is fun, bold, and can be pretty intricate. When it's on dresses and other fabrics, it gives off a carefree boho feel but can also be reminiscent of bandanas and other such accessories. Wearing paisley on your nails can look just as stylish and trendy, but if you think you lack artistic skills, you may feel unsure as to how to create that print yourself.
That's why nail sticker sets and decals exist! You can get all the lovely intricacies of certain prints without needing a steady hand, grand attention to detail, and creative prowess. Plus, using stickers can save you time in trying to achieve a certain look with your nails. With the proper tools, you, too, could wear this paisley nail art.
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Paisley nail sticker set
- Black gel polish
- Dotting tool
Fierce League
1. Start your nails out with a base coat and 2 to 3 layers of your color polish.
2. Make sure your nails are completely dry so the sticker doesn't move around and smear the polish underneath it. Then, apply the paisley stickers as desired. If they're larger-sized stickers, your nail may be able to fit only two of them at once. If the stickers are smaller, you can fit a few more.
3. Using the dotting tool and the black gel polish, place little dots on the nails with the smaller stickers to fill up any extra space. To make it a little more fun, make the dots different sizes.
4. Finish with a layer of shiny top coat.