Create gorgeous lace sticker nails

Are you on the hunt for an eye-catching, elegant way to dress up your nails? Then you need to try this sexy lacy nail look. The best part is that it couldn't be easier to do. So even those who aren't confident in their manicure abilities can recreate it without a fuss thanks to the gorgeous lace pattern nail stickers which form the backbone of this look.
By choosing a pale pink or nude shade of nail polish, you can really make the lace stickers pop. Perfect for date night, a girls' night out or any special occasion, you can't go wrong with these lovely lacy nails.
- Nude nail polish
- Black gel paint (Mission Control in Over Drive)
- Lace nail stickers
- Clear gel polish topcoat (Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish)
- Rhinestones (Nicole Diary)
- Flat nail art brush
- Tweezers
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails using the nude nail polish. Allow it to dry and set completely before moving onto the next step.
2. Apply the black gel paint to the tips of your dried nails using the flat nail art brush. Let it dry then apply a second and third coat as needed until the color is uniform and to your desired opacity.
3. Pick up the nail sticker using your tweezers and apply it your nail so it rests directly below the black gel paint. Gently secure the sides using your tweezers so the sticker is flush with your nail.
4. Paint your nails with the top coat to seal in the stickers and create a clean finish.
5. While the top coat is still wet, apply the rhinestones to your nails using your tweezers.
6. Allow the top coat to dry completely.

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