Make your heart skip a beat with adorable heart sticker nails

Nothing says love like pink hearts and rhinestones. This romantic design is sure to make your heart flutter. For this look, pink subtly fades into white, while sparkles and heart stickers catch the eye.
Not only is this design adorable, it's also easy to achieve. Keep reading to learn how to create this heart-stopping look.
- White gel polish
- Presto Color Gel #173
- Detail nail art brush
- Nicole Diary Nail Rhinestones
- Small flat nail art brush
- Heart stickers
- Precision tweezers
- Gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Paint nails white with gel polish. Allow to dry.
2. Outline the perimeter of the nail with the detail nail art brush dipped in Presto Color Gel #173. Do this on every nail except the ring finger and thumb.
3. While the gel is still wet, feather the pink outline by making small strokes toward the center of the nail with the small flat nail art brush.
4. With precision tweezers, apply a heart sticker in the center of each nail outlined in pink. Gently press down to secure.
5. Apply two smaller heart stickers to the ring fingernail and thumbnail.
6. Apply gel top coat to the ring fingernail and thumbnail.
7. Before the gel dries, add two or three pink rhinestones from the packet to those two nails using the precision tweezers. Adjust as necesary.
8. Allow the clear polish to dry to secure the rhinestones.

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