Brighten your day with beautiful butterfly sticker nails

Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful design. The tutorial will teach you how to paint fluffy clouds and apply butterfly stickers to your nails. The result will be a design that makes you feel like you're looking up at the summer sky, even if you're stuck inside at work or school.
Follow the easy 4-step instructions below for stunning and unique nails.
-Canni Nail Art Output Gel Paint #612
-Mission Control Gel Paint in "Fizz"
-Butterfly nail stickers
-Disposable eye shadow applicator
-Precision tweezers
-Gelish Sparkly Clear Top Coat
Fierce League
1. Paint nails sky blue with two coats of Canni Nail Art Output Gel Paint #612. Allow time to dry.
2. Dab on fluffy white clouds with Mission Control Gel Paint in "Fizz" using the disposable eye shadow applicator. Paint one cloud near the base of the nail and one closer to the tip.
3. Place the butterfly stickers as desired using the precision tweezers. Once you achieve ideal placement, secure the sticker by pressing gently on its surface with the tweezers.
4. Seal the design and add sparkle with Gelish Sparkly Clear Top Coat. Paint carefully around the butterflies to avoid getting the top coat on them.

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