How to create an edgy bubbly ponytail

A simple ponytail is rarely thought of as a versatile, dynamic hairstyle. It's the type of throwaway look reserved for in-between-shampoo days and gym sessions. But who says the classic ponytail should remain so dull? In fact, there's plenty you can do with your long locks that won't eat up all your time.
This is where the bubbly ponytail comes into play — the ultimate alternative style for girls on the go. With celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively previously sporting the look at red carpet events, the tutorial below will show you exactly how you can re-create it too.
- Elastic bands
- Hairband
- Hairspray
- Bobby pin
Fierce League
1. Sweep the entirety of your hair into a mid-high ponytail, lightly spraying the front of your swept-back hair with hairspray for a firm hold. Then, secure the ponytail with a hairband.
2. Now that you have your basic pony, grab a piece of hair approximately an inch wide from under the ponytail. Wrap this strand around the hairband. This wrapped-around hair should cover the appearance of the hairband underneath.
3. Secure the hair wrapped around the hairband with a bobby pin and spray again with hairspray.
4. About 3–4 inches down the length of the ponytail from the hairband placement, tie a small elastic band to the hair. Repeat this same step with a second one 2–3 inches from the original elastic band. This cycle should continue until you're left with about 3 inches of hair loose at the end.
5. To ensure you've created the bubbly effect, lightly tug at the hair between the elastic bands to create a rounded shape.

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