How to create a beautiful bandana bun

As the summer approaches, up-do hairstyles are making a return to fight the humid temperatures. Sometimes, pulling hair into simple ponytail doesn't feel quite good enough. You're probably looking for something a bit more creative but not too time-consuming.
This is where a bandana bun style can come in handy. Whether you want to get hair off your neck or just fancy a change, this hairstyle offers a vintage and fun vibe while also being practical. This look is perfect for lounging in the sun or for a festival. Accessorize with different bandanas or change how much you tease your hair to adjust the size of the bun.
- A hairband matching your natural hair color
- A bobby pin
- A bandana
- Hairspray
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1. Section the hair into the parting you prefer, but for this look a middle part is recommended. Grab the bulk of your hair and pull it into a loose ponytail. As you do so, with your other hand, pull out any whispy, face-framing hairs from the front.
2. Once you are happy with the hair/bangs remaining outside of the ponytail, secure the hair with a hairband. The ponytail should be secure but not too tight. This look aims to be casual, so use the tips of your fingers to slightly tease the top of the ponytail for extra volume.
3. Grabbing the end of the ponytail, wrap it around the hairband, circling the hair like a headscarf. Once that's complete, you should have a bun. Secure it where the ponytail finishes using a bobby pin.
4. Fold the bandana into a thin roll; this will avoid the bandana covering up too much of your hair.
5. Place the bandana on the nape of your neck, grab the two loose ends and pull them up toward your crown. Tie the two loose ends together twice in a square knot tight to your head. (The knot should cover up the parting between your bun and loose bangs.)
6. Lastly, spray your hair with firming hairspray. You can add shine spray or, if you have shorter hair, you can use extra bobby pins to secure unruly hair.

Whether you're young or young at heart, these cute buns will make you smile.
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