How to use color correctors and tinted moisturizer to conceal discoloration

Sometimes, you simply want to cover a few imperfections and get on with your day. Unfortunately, dark spots and red marks can be difficult to conceal. These discolorations tend to show through foundation, and layering on concealer just results in a heavy swath of makeup.
Luckily, color correctors are widely available, even in the drugstore. These miracle workers come in multiple shades, including peach and green. Unlike concealer, color correctors are used sparingly to cancel out unwanted colors like brown and red. You'll still need to use concealer, but you'll use a lot less than you normally would by following this two-step approach.
If you have large areas of discoloration, tinted moisturizer is a real blessing. It won't cover everything, but it will make the spots less noticeable overall.
Watch the video tutorial to see how each product is used.
- Peach color corrector
- Concealer brush
- Green color corrector
- Liquid concealer
- Small foundation brush
- Tinted moisturizer
- Large foundation brush
1. Cover dark marks by applying peach color corrector with a concealer brush in a patting motion. Stipple, don't swirl.
2. To cover red marks, apply green color corrector with the concealer brush.
3. Apply concealer over the peach- or green-corrected marks with a small foundation brush to restore your natural skin tone. Tip: Press the brush into the skin instead of swirling it. This will set the concealer in place without creating brush marks.
4. For large areas of discoloration, such as sun damage on the chest area, apply tinted moisturizer with a large foundation brush.
Color correctors work wonders, but don't forget to apply concealer over them. You don't want to walk around town with peach and green spots on your face!
Stay pretty!
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