Turn old lipstick into creamy lip balm

If you've ever tried to clean out your makeup drawer, you know that it can be difficult to toss certain items. A tube of lipstick doesn't take up much space, so it's easy to hang onto old favorites and forget about them. If you have one or two lippies that just don't get used very often but still have a fair amount of product left inside, there's a simple way to bring them back to life.
Turn unused lipstick into lip balm by melting it with a little petroleum jelly. The original pigment will still be vibrant, and the new balm with have a smoother texture than the old lipstick. You'll gain a pocket-sized version of your old favorite. Before starting, be sure you have a clean screw cap jar to transfer the mixture into because you want it to be hygienic.
- Lipstick
- Cosmetic spatula
- Large spoon
- Refillable butane lighter
- Petroleum jelly
- Plastic jar with screw cap lid
- Disposable lip wand or lip brush
Fierce League
1. Cut off the tip of the lipstick with the cosmetic spatula, and mash it onto the spoon.
2. Hold the spoon over the flame of a lighter until the lipstick melts. Caution: Do not touch the bottom of the spoon because it will be extremely hot.
3. Stir the melted lipstick with the cosmetic spatula to ensure the color hasn’t separated.
4. Add a dime-sized amount of petroleum jelly to the melted lipstick. Stir it with the spatula until it melts.
5. Pour the melted liquid into the plastic jar, and secure the lid to keep the mixture sanitary.
6. After the mixture has cooled completely, use a disposable lip wand or a lip brush to apply the color to your lips.

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