Amp up the color: hot lipstick shades for summer

As you run from one summer festivity to another, don't waste your time on complex makeup routines that won't fare well in the heat. Instead, opt for a minimal approach with a bold pop of color on your lips.
This array of bright shades will brighten up your smile and enhance your summer glow. Whether you prefer shiny or matte, red or pink, one of these shades is sure to become your summer go-t0.
-Bright red lipstick
-Bright orange lipstick
-Coral lipstick
-Fuchsia lipstick
Fierce League
1. Choose a bright lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and outfit. Use the back of your hand to compare different shades.
2. Prepare your lips by sloughing off any dead skin with a wet washcloth. Follow with lip balm.
3. Apply foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush and mascara. Eye shadow isn't necessary for this look, but if you choose to wear it, go with a subtle gold or tan shade.
4. Swipe the lipstick color of your choice onto your bottom lip. Press lips together to distribute the pigment.
5. Fill in your upper lip with lipstick starting at the outer corners of your mouth and moving at an upward slant, taking your time to outline the peaks of your upper lip. If you make a mistake, grab a tissue and pull the pigment back toward your lip. To ensure longer wear, finish with a translucent powder or setting spray.

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