Lighten up your makeup approach for summer

Wearing a full face of makeup during hot, humid weather can be a recipe for disaster. Foundation melts, smears and smudges with barely a touch. This summer, lighten up your approach to look lovely all day long.
Since a summer makeup routine is slightly different from that of other seasons, each instruction explains why and how to use certain products. For example, setting powder is a staple during the rest of the year, but using too much during warm weather can make your face look dried out and cakey. For this look, skip the eye makeup altogether and concentrate on presenting a healthy, glowing face instead. You’ll be surprised at how much faster this approach is, and you may discover that less really is more.
- Makeup primer
- Tinted moisturizer with SPF
- Foundation brush
- Concealer
- Setting powder
- Cheek brush
- Bronzer
- Cream blush
- Cream highlighter
Fierce League
1. Makeup primer grips makeup, and the right formula can help keep
sebum production under control. For best results, apply primer only to your T-zone — the oiliest part of your face.
2. Instead of foundation, opt for tinted moisturizer, preferably with sunscreen. Apply it only to the areas of your face that need coverage, such as your T-zone and under your eyes. Remember, in summer, less is more. Tip: Apply it with a brush for sheerer coverage.
3. Apply the product with the applicator wand to conceal discoloration. Dot concealer under your eyes, onto the center of your forehead and nose, and around the outer edges of your nostrils if you have redness there. Use the foundation brush to press the product into your skin. Tip: Apply residual product in the brush to your eyelids to cover redness.
4. Press setting powder into the concealer with a cheek brush. Use a light hand here, as heavy powder looks cakey.
5. Swirl bronzer along your cheekbones to warm up your complexion.
6. Pat cream blush onto your cheeks and lips with your fingers to give a kiss of color.
7. Pat cream highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones, nose, chin and Cupid’s bow with your fingers.

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