Use color correcting concealer to balance different areas of the face

Have you ever considered using green, peach and purple concealer? It may seem like an odd approach, but it's very effective in balancing the skin's imperfections. The aim of this technique is to identify areas of uneven tone on the face and choose a shade of concealer that will offset and balance these problem areas.
For example, many of us have dark circles under our eyes. These typically have bluish or purple undertones. A bright, warm peach concealer will balance and hide these dark tones. The same principle applies as we use a cool, calming green to offset reds and pinks, and a light purple to brighten and highlight dull areas. Follow the instructions below to try this technique.
- Color correcting kit with peach, green and purple tones
-Concealer application brush
-Liquid foundation
-Liquid foundation application brush
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1. Apply peach concealer under the eyes and other dark areas with the concealer application brush. Build coverage by gently dabbing on layers of concealer. Do not swipe the brush or use excessive pressure.
2. Apply green concealer on red or pink areas using the concealer application brush. Pay special attention to pinkness on or around the nose and any blemishes you may have.
3. Apply light purple concealer to highlight dull areas on the chin, forehead, and between the brows.
4. If extra blending is needed, use a foundation brush and gentle dabbing strokes.
5. Apply a layer of liquid foundation with a foundation brush. Blend as needed.
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