How to use foundation to achieve smooth skin and cancel out redness

Unless you have Chanel’s cult-favorite shade Rouge Allure on your pout, the color red has no business being anywhere else on your face. If you agree with this assessment, watch the video to learn how to use foundation and undertake a few other color corrections to cancel out pesky redness on your face.
If you suffer from rosacea, consider buying a color-correction palette that contains a green shade, which is opposite red on the color wheel and tends to cancel it out. When you apply a green color corrector on your skin, you’ll end up with a neutral finish.
- Color-correction palette that includes a green shade
- Makeup brushes
- Smoothing primer
- Full coverage foundation
- Concealer
- Lip balm
1. Use a small brush to apply the green shade from your color-correction palette on red areas, adding more to the reddest. Blend thoroughly.
2. Pat the smoothing primer all over your face to blur remaining imperfections.
3. Apply foundation and concealer. Use another brush to blend the products well for a seamless finish.
4. Coat your lips with your favorite lip balm.
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