Soft vs. intense smokey eye

The smokey eye is perhaps the most versatile makeup look — going from day to night with nothing more than a few quick steps. Those who save the smokey eye for a sexy night out are missing out on the benefits of the subtle smokey eye, perfect for daytime and casual events.
While the soft, smokey makeup look is flattering on its own, it’s also a foundation for the more dramatic eye. One builds on the other, and both use blending and layering techniques that make the most of neutral and darker shades. Here we break down a simple step-by-step tutorial to create this classic and celebrity-endorsed look.
-Rounded small shadow brush
-Rounded medium shadow brush
-Brown shadow palette, neutrals to dark shades
-Metallic shadow palette
-Brown eyeliner pencil
-Black eyeliner pencil
-One set false eyelashes
Fierce League
1. For a soft, smokey eye, start by applying primer to eyelids using a small rounded shadow brush and blend from the lash line to the brow bone.
2. Pat blended primer in with fingers.
3. Gather two shadow palettes — one brown with shades from neutral to dark and one metallic shade palette.
4. Brush neutral brown shadow over the lids using the small shadow brush.
5. Apply slightly darker shade, and brush along crease with the small shadow brush.
6. Apply the same shade along the lower lash line.
7. Take the darker brown or plum shade and apply at the outer corner of the lid with small brush. Then use the medium brush to blend the dark shade into the center and top of the lid.
8. Using the small round tip brush, apply the darker shade along the lower lash line.
9. Apply the gold metallic shade onto the inner crease and inner corner of lid. Blend by brushing the shadow to the center of the lid, and then apply it along the lower lash line.
10. Use the brown pencil to line the lower waterline. Then, using the small rounded brush, line top lid at lash line with the dark brown or plum shade.
11. To kick up the look to an intense smokey eye, start by applying a dark charcoal shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid, then blend using the medium brush along the corner to the crease.
12. Line the bottom lid with the same charcoal eye shadow.
13. Using a black pencil, line your lower eyelid's waterline and the upper lid at the lash line.
14. Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply false lashes to each eye. Use tweezers to adjust.
15. Finish by swiping mascara over the upper and lower lashes.

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