Learn how to avoid these common eye shadow mistakes

Eye shadow is the adult equivalent of coloring. Unfortunately, eye shadow palettes rarely come with instructions. If you’re lucky, you’ll find recommended color combinations (known as “looks”) but not much more. Some three-color or four-color palettes offer guidance on color placement. Most eye shadow mistakes are caused by improper techniques.
The following tutorial focuses on three common mistakes and shows you how to avoid them. Using eye shadow primer and setting powder are necessities. These two products prevent eye shadow from creasing, and they also make application more precise. Some products don’t adhere well to the eyelid, especially shimmery eye shadow. You can remedy this with setting spray. Watch the tutorial to see these tips plus one more in action.
- Eye shadow primer
- Setting powder
- Fluffy eye shadow brush
- Light, medium and dark brown matte eye shadow
- Shimmery beige eye shadow
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Setting spray
- Angled liner brush
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1. Apply eye shadow primer to the eye area with the applicator wand. Then use your finger to lightly press the product into place.
2. Once the primer has dried, shake a small amount of setting powder into the jar lid. Then swirl an eye shadow brush in the powder. Tap off the excess powder. Then apply it all over the lid. Setting powder makes the eyelid surface smooth, so eye shadow can go on flawlessly.
3. Use a fluffy brush to apply medium brown eye shadow to the crease of your eye. Start with a small amount of product and build up the color layer by layer to increase the intensity.
4. Darken the outer corner of the eyelid by using deep brown eye shadow and the fluffy brush.
5. Dip the flat brush into the shimmery shadow. Then spray the brush head with setting spray. Pat and press the color onto the eyelid. Avoid rubbing the brush back and forth because this will make the color clump up and fall off.
6. Line the upper lash line with dark brown eye shadow and an angled liner brush. To avoid fallout, tap the excess eyeshadow off the brush. Then press the bristles against the lash line. By keeping the bristles straight initially, the eyeshadow will fall only where you want it.
These techniques will improve your skills and make it easier to apply eye shadow perfectly every time.
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