How to create a low bun with a braided accent

One surefire way to create a soft, casual look is to pull your hair back into a bun. It doesn't require a lot of effort or precision, and it will keep your hair out of your face while you're running errands, chasing the kids, or working all day. The style can be a little plain, though, so jazz it up with a three-strand braid.
The beauty of this easy style is that it comes together quickly but still looks fancier than a plain bun. Pancaking the braid helps it look fuller while still laying flat against your head. If you like a romantic, wispy look, don't secure the bun too tightly so you can pull out a few loose strands of hair around your face to curl as the finishing touch.
- Rattail brush
- Hair elastics
- Bobby pins
- Flat iron
- Hairspray​
Fierce League
1. Brush through your hair completely to smooth it, then part it on one side.
2. Use the rattail end of the brush to separate a section of hair at the crown to braid. Create a three-strand braid and secure it with an elastic near the end.
3. Gently pull the braid apart section by section to fluff it up. This is known as pancaking, and it helps the braid lie flat while looking full.
4. Pull all of your hair, including the braid, back toward the nape of your neck, then twist it to form a loose bun. Secure it with an elastic and bobby pins.
5. Pull a few strands of hair down around your face, then curl them with a heated flat iron.
6. Apply hairspray to hold the style all day.

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