Combine a French-braid mohawk with a high bun for a romantic updo

Of all the hairstyles to choose from, you probably wouldn't opt for a true mohawk. Bad hair days aside, most people would never consider shaving most of their hair off. This pretty style is inspired by a mohawk braid, which usually starts at the forehead and concludes at or below the shoulders.
Because you probably have better things to do than braid, pancake, and puff up a full mohawk braid, this tutorial offers a shortcut. You'll braid the crown section and then form the rest of the hair into a high bun. Leave a few wispy sections loose in the front to curl, and you'll have a soft, romantic look in minutes.
- Short-bristled brush with rattail handle
- Hair elastics
- Hairspray
- Bobby pins
- Flat iron
Fierce League
1. Brush the crown section of your hair toward the back of your head, then use the rattail handle of the brush to section off the portion you want to braid.
2. Starting above your forehead, create a French braid using only the uppermost hair. Secure it with a hair elastic when you get to the back of your head. Leave the sides down; you'll pull them up later.
3. Combine all the loose hair with the ponytail portion of the French braid, then secure it with a hair elastic into a high ponytail. Tug the hair below the elastic to create volume.
4. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Lift the upper section up, and spray the hair near the elastic with hairspray.
5. Tease the upper section of hair near the elastic with the brush. This will give the bun more volume and help the bobby pins hold it in place all day.
6. Use your fingers to tousle the ponytail thoroughly, then wrap it around the elastic into a bun, twisting as you go. Secure it with a hair elastic, and tuck any loose ends underneath. Pin the bun in place with bobby pins.
7. Brush some loose hair down around the sides of your face, then curl it with a flat iron.
8. Smooth stray hairs into place. Spray with hairspray.
You look great!