Create a sunset-inspired cut crease

Beauty vloggers and Instagrammers seem to have the inside track when it comes to trending eye makeup. One technique that continues to be popular is the cut crease. While you may not know what the term means, you’ve certainly seen the look. In technical terms, the crease of the eye takes center stage and is offset by a clearly defined line made with eye liner or eye shadow. Unlike most eye makeup techniques, the crease and lid colors are rarely blended together.
To achieve this look, you’ll need multiple eye shadow colors, concealer, and two liquid eye liner products. The application process is different because the concealer needs to be applied to the eye lid, not under the eye. When applied with a brush, it provides both a base for eye shadow and redefines the lid with a perfected oval shape.
Ready to try it? Watch the following tutorial all the way through before starting, then follow the instructions below.

- Eye primer
- Setting powder
- Fluffy powder brush
- Burnt orange matte eye shadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Maroon matte eye shadow
- Liquid concealer
- Flat concealer brush
- Short-bristled eye liner brush
- Blue matte eye shadow
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Setting spray
- Deep reddish-brown matte eye shadow
- Pink shimmer eye shadow
- Cream or gel-based glitter eye liner
- Disposable eye liner wand
- Black liquid eye liner with felt tip
- Mascara, optional
Fierce League
1. Apply primer with your ring finger to the entire eye area. Allow it to dry completely.
2. Seal the primer and prep the eye area by applying a light layer of setting powder to it. This will ensure that the eye shadow lasts all day and doesn’t migrate into the crease.
3. Apply burnt orange eye shadow in the crease of your eye area with a fluffy blending brush.
4. Apply maroon eye shadow below the orange and into the crease of your eye with the same brush.
5. Dab liquid concealer onto the center of the eyelid and pat in place with a flat concealer brush. Take your time. The concealer must be even and should create a smooth oval shape against the maroon shadow.
6. Clean up the upper edge of the concealer by applying more maroon eye shadow with a small bristled liner brush.
7. Dip the flat eye shadow brush into the blue eye shadow, then spray the bristles with setting spray. Apply the color to the lid in patting motions. This will give the color more intensity than brushing back and forth.
8. Deepen the lower portion of the crease by applying reddish-brown eye shadow with the liner brush in a side to side motion. Do not sweep the color from the outer edge to the tear duct because this will make the color muddy.
9. Use the fluffy blending brush to soften the orange and maroon shadows slightly.
10. Dip the flat eye shadow brush into the pink shimmer shadow, then spray the bristles with setting spray. Apply the color to the lid in patting motions.
11. Define the crease even more by applying glitter eye liner with a disposable eye liner wand. Begin at the tear duct, and extend the line just to the outer edge of the eye.
12. Apply black liquid eye liner along the upper lash line. If desired, extend the outer line so it connects with the glitter crease line.
13. Apply two coats of mascara, if desired.
Since this look is all about the eyes, keep the rest of your makeup natural and understated. Add a soft neutral lip color, and get ready to take the world by storm.
Stay pretty!

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