Minimize eye shadow fallout with this three-step method

Let’s be honest, part of the reason we wear makeup is because it’s a grown-up way of playing with color. Eye shadow is versatile and can go from natural to glam just by switching up the shades. When going for full-on glam, dark shadow is a must, but it has one major drawback — fallout. This results in excess shadow below the eye, and it’s a pain to clean up.
Instead of using makeup remover to erase unwanted shadow, modify your application technique. It’s easier to prevent fallout than to clean it up. The tutorial will teach you a three-step method for minimizing fallout when applying eye shadow. While the demo uses dark eye shadow, these same techniques will help when you apply shimmer shadow and glittery pigment as well.
- Setting powder
- Triangle makeup sponge
- Fluffy blending brush
- Eye shadow palette
- Paper towels
- Fluffy face brush (not shown)
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1. Tap setting powder into the jar lid, then dip a triangular makeup sponge into the powder. Press the sponge against your skin just below the eye on a slight diagonal angle. Repeat this step twice more to deposit extra powder.
2. Fold a clean paper towel in half, so it has a sharp crease. Next, hold it at an angle against the outer corner of your eye, and apply your dark crease color. The paper towel will catch most of the fallout.
3. To eliminate fallout even more effectively, swirl the fluffy blending brush in the eye shadow, then knock off the excess color by tapping the brush against the palette or the edge of your sink. Apply the shadow as described in step 2.
4. Use a fluffy face brush to sweep away the excess setting powder below your eyes.
When combined, these three steps will not only prevent fallout, but they will also help you create a sharper outer “V” with your eye shadow. That’s a nice little bonus!
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