How to create edgy black-and-white splattered nails

No one wants to clean up splattered paint, but the effect it leaves behind is often quite artistic. Splattered nail designs continue to trend, and this black- and-white version is no exception. These two colors can be basic or dramatic. You can paint all five nails with the same base color or switch things up and incorporate negative space designs as well.
The following tutorial demonstrates how to achieve the negative space design. The hardest step is the first one, but if you outline an offset triangle first, then fill in the outer edges with black paint, the rest of the steps progress quickly. You’ll need two different brushes for this design, unless you’re comfortable with your painting skills, and then a single flat detail brush will get the job done as well.
- White gel nail polish
- Black gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Fine detail brush
- Flat detail brush
- Acetone (not shown)
- Paper towels (not shown)
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish to the nails, curing them in between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Paint a diagonal line from the cuticle to the nail tip with black paint and the fine detail brush.
3. Paint another black diagonal line closer to the tip that connects with the first one and forms the shape of a sideways triangle, then cure the nails with the lamp. Tip: Clean the brush with acetone and a paper towel, so it will be ready to use in step 5.
4. Fill in the outside of the design with black paint using the flat detail brush, then cure the nails with the lamp again.
5. Dip the fine detail brush into the white gel paint, then apply a dot of paint onto the black section of the nail and drag it slightly to create the splattered effect. Repeat as desired, then clean the brush.
6. Dip the same brush in the black gel and apply similar dots onto the white area of the nail. Cure the paint with the lamp.
7. Apply one layer of clear gel top coat to the nails, then cure them with the lamp.

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