Here are some next level eye makeup tricks to remember

The right makeup trick will not only save you time and effort but, most importantly, it will keep you from making mistakes. After all, certain makeup mistakes will force you to wipe off all your hard work and start over. Who has the patience for that?
We've rounded up several eye makeup tricks that will take your look to the next level. Soon, all your friends will be coming to you for the perfect smokey eye and flawless eyeliner. Read on and watch our easy-to-follow videos for eye makeup tricks that will seriously make your eyes pop.
Soft vs intense smokey eye
If there's any makeup trick that every girl should master, it's the smokey eye. A smokey eye will enhance your makeup and can easily be taken from a day to night look in seconds. For a soft smokey eye, use brown shades. To transition this to a more intense look, just pop black eyeshadow on to your outer corner, blend it out, and apply false lashes. Get the tutorial here.
4 ways to use white on your eyes.
Using white can be intimidating, but it's an ideal way to make your eyes appear larger and more open. Use a white eye pencil on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. That same eye pencil can used on the inner corner of your eye and blended out to make your eyeshadow pop. To highlight and shape your brows, apply the white eye pencil under the brow and blend any harsh lines. For dimension, a bit of white applied to the middle of the eyelid is ideal and adds shimmer to a dark eyeshadow look.
Get the tutorial here.
3 ways to make your eyes pop
To really make your eyes pop and eye color stand out, start with a white eye pencil and apply it to your waterline. This will open up the eyes and make them appear wider. Next, pop some white on to the inner corners before trying to apply any dark shades. Once you've done a neutral smokey eye look, swipe a bit of shimmer on the inner part of your eyelid. This will enhance the darker color and continue to open up the eyes. Get the tutorial here.
Beauty mistakes to avoid on your eyebrows
Your eyebrows can make or break your look. Don't destroy the smokey eye and pouty lip you perfected by botching those brows! Avoid applying too much product on the head of the brow, which will cause you to look angry. Always be sure to blend your concealer after shaping and highlighting your brows, otherwise, they will appear to be stenciled on. Take precaution and reach for the right kind of brush and use controlled brush strokes.
Avoid extending those brows, as eyebrows that are too long and pointy will age your face. Finally, avoid going too dark on those brows. You want them to look all natural, so choose a color close to your natural hair. Get the tutorial here.
3 mistakes to avoid when doing eyeliner
Eyeliner can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Chances are, you may be using the wrong methods or tools when applying. Never use a blunt eye pencil and take those extra seconds to sharpen it, or your liner may appear smudged and messy. A liquid liner should never be used on the waterline and could be the reason you find yourself with black under your eyes at the end of the day. To further avoid raccoon eyes, reach for a thinner brush when applying gel eyeliner. A wide brush doesn't offer enough control and will cause your liner to be drawn on too thick.
Get the tutorial here.

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