How to recreate a ball drop nail design

You can now have a guaranteed view of the highly anticipated New Year’s ball drop spectacle. This easy-to-follow video teaches you how to recreate the splendor of watching the ball drop right on your nails. Get ready to paint a truly magical scene.
Line up your nail tools, and have a bottle of bubbly on chill to reward yourself after completing your work of art. You should also prepare yourself for revolving compliments because no one will be able to stop themselves from gazing at your nails all night long.
- Silver gel nail polish
- Clear gel base coat
- Silver metallic nail foil
- Black gel nail polish
- Striping brush
1. Add a few coats of a silver gel nail polish onto your nails
2. Apply the gel base coat on top.
3. Dab the silver metallic foil on the surface of each nail.
4. Coat your nails with an additional layer of the gel base coat.
5. Use the black gel polish and striping brush to outline slanted lines on each nail.
6. Draw more slanted lines going in the opposite direction until you begin to see diamond shapes.
7. Perfect the ball drop design by tracing horizontal lines in the center of the diamond shapes.
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