How to use matte eye shadow

Applying makeup is supposed to be fun! But, choosing eye shadow can be very intimidating when you're just getting started. Eye shadow comes in a variety of finishes, including shimmer, frost, metallic, and matte. Aside from picking flattering colors, you also need to decide which finish suits your needs.
Many people rely on matte shadow because it is easier to blend and doesn't emphasize skin texture or wrinkles. This tutorial shows three different ways to use matte eye shadow. To get the best results, use a fluffy blending brush with medium length bristles and a small amount of colored shadow. You can always add eye shadow later to darken the color, but it can be difficult to diffuse heavily pigmented colors.
- Fluffy blending brush
- Nude matte eye shadow
- Medium-toned matte eye shadow
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1. Use a fluffy blending brush to apply nude matte eye shadow on the entire eye area as a base. It minimizes redness and makes other colors apply more evenly.
2. Apply nude matte eye shadow on the brow bone and near the inner corner of the eye above the tear duct to add brightness. This also makes eyes look more open and alert.
3. Apply medium-toned matte eye shadow over the entire eyelid for a quick and natural makeup look.
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