How to paint nude nails with burgundy accent

Nude nail looks are chic and easy to style outfits around, because they pretty much go with everything. Even if nudes are your go-to for everyday wear, it's likely you may want to jazz them up every once in a while. If you need a quick way to spruce up your nails for a date or a party, simply adding a bold color to contrast the nude is a good way to do that. But if you've got a little bit more time to put into it, it could really go a long way.
Blending the classic beauty of a chandelier with a little bit of a bohemian flair, the detailing picture here is intricate enough to add drama without being too difficult to do yourself at home. With the burgundy shade as a backdrop, the white detailing really pops, upping the impact of this little hint of color. It may be fairly elaborate, but only putting this detail on one nail is an easy way to quickly take your nails to that next level.
- Burgundy gel polish
- White gel polish
- Nude gel polish
- Gel matte top coat
- Small striper brush
- Small dotting tool
Fierce League
1. Leave one nail blank after applying 2 coats of nude polish to your nails.
2. Evenly apply 2 coats of burgundy polish to the blank nail.
3. Once dried, carefully draw on two curved lines near the cuticle bed. Make sure to leave enough space in between the two lines, as more detail will be added there later.
4. Draw in three semi-loops at the base of the curved line closest to the nail tip, connecting both sides of your nail bed.
5. To keep everything centered, put a dot a little more than halfway in between the center loop and the tip of your nail. Draw a thin, elongated loop towards the dot, making sure the dot is still a little visible. This will help with the next step.
6. Draw a thin line from the center of the middle semi-loop through the dot at the center tip of the elongated loop, extending almost to the tip. Add thin, short lines along the outsides of the elongated loop.
7. Still using the striper brush, paint small circles in between the two curved lines. You should be able to fit about 4 or 5.
8. With the dotting tool, add dots to the centers of the circles, down the thin lines near the loops and across the top of the curved line closest to your cuticle bed.
9. Finish everything off with a coat of the gel matte top coat.

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