How to pull off a nude manicure with bling accents

Most women would agree that nude nail polishes are as timeless as the little black dress and Chanel skirt suit. However, sometimes classic looks can get a bit monotonous. If you want to spice up your fingertips, look no further than this easy, eye-catching nail tutorial. It’ll teach you how to elevate the classic nude manicure with dazzling bling accents.
Here are some foolproof tips to aid you in picking out the right nude shade for your unique skin tone. If you have pale skin, a light pink hue will add subtle brightness to your nail beds. Beige or peach polishes will accentuate olive skin tones. Avoid cool nude shades if you have a darker complexion because it can make your skin appear dull and lifeless. A rose or taupe tint should add sufficient warmth to your skin.
- Nude gel nail polish
- Hard gel
- Flat nail brush
- Dotting tool
- Assorted gold-toned and multi-colored nail art gems
- Clear gel top coat
- Striping brush
1. Swipe a few coats of a nude gel nail polish on each nail.
2. Apply the hard gel on your desired accent nail with the flat brush.
3. Use the dotting tool to strategically place each gem onto your nail. You can recreate the pattern shown on the video, or outline your own design.
4. Saturate the gems with the clear top coat.
5. Use the striping brush to go over the edges of each gem. This step ensures that they’ve properly adhered to your nail.
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