How to execute a nude to black ombre nail design

Ombre nails are a thing of beauty, but they’re also perfect for those times you can’t decide between two colors. What’s fun about this trend is that you can choose two complementary shades, or rebel against the norm and pick two pigments that clash. Still not sure where to begin? Just watch this quick video for some eye-opening tips.
Get even more creative by playing around with your transition line when you begin your manicure. You can opt for a speckled look, or position your lines vertically or horizontally. You can even add an assortment of gems and rhinestones for added pizzazz.
- Nude gel nail polish
- Flat nail brush
- Clear gel base coat
- Black gel nail polish
- Striping brush
- Clear gel top coat
- Nail tweezer
- Gold-toned nail art gems
1. Apply a few coats of nude gel nail polish on your nails with the flat brush.
2. Swipe a layer of the gel base coat on the tips of each nail.
3. Add the black gel polish starting close to your cuticle area. You can alternate the placement of the colors as shown on the video.
4. Use the striping brush to create a gradient effect where the two colors meet.
5. Touch up your nails with the clear gel top coat.
6. Use the tweezer to place the gold-toned gems on your nails.
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