How to create stunning nude and lace nails

Do you want the look of a professional nail style? Get all you need right here! You can recreate this unique, gorgeous nail art. With the video, the needed materials and a detailed step-by-step guide, you can achieve beautifully crafted nails.
Read on to learn how to replicate this nude and lace nail design. You'll be runway ready with this chic and sexy nail pattern. Dig out those nail brushes and get your lace on!
1. Nail polish in nude and black (1 of each color)
2. Nail gel paint in black (1)
3. Top coat: soak-off gel polish (1)
4. Detailing nail brush (1)
5. Striper nail brush (1)
6. Flat nail brush (1)
Fierce League
1. Start with the flat nail brush and apply two coats of nude nail polish.
2. Apply one layer of top coat over the nude polish.
3. Begin with the black nail polish (use the nail brush that came with the polish) and dab a small amount of black polish on a piece of clean paper.
4. Next, on the same paper, dab a small amount of the clear top coat next to the black polish. Mix the black polish and top coat using the dotter tool.
5. With the detailing brush, begin with the black nail polish and top coat mixture. Make a five-petal, or star-shaped, flower near the top of the nail bed. Create the petals by laying the tip of the detailing brush on the nail. Continue in a circle to create five petals.
6. Continue with the detailing brush and black/top coat mixture. Make two more flowers near the tip and on the side of the nail bed. Make partial flowers, two to three petal designs for this step.
7. Next, with the striper nail brush and black gel paint, outline the flowers.
8. Apply a vein through the middle of the petals with a single line down the center of each petal.
9. Once the flowers are complete, begin to connect each flower with the striper brush and black gel paint. Achieve this by applying short, straight lines of different directions to create a lace effect.
10. Apply one layer of matte gel top coat to complete the look.

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