How to add hair to a bun

Messy buns have been all the rage for quite some time, but many people lack the thick hair that makes a look like this stand out. No matter how much you tease and fuss with your locks, the bun still looks small. That cute effortless look has somehow made you look bald and more "man-bun" than "messy bun."
One fairly easy trick to provide the illusion of fullness is to make an add-in hair bun. As a bonus, you can use it many times. Follow the step-by-step guide and you'll be rocking a seemingly effortless style.
- Drawstring pony that matches your hair color
- Teasing brush
- Ponytail holder
- Bobby pins
- Hair accessories (optional)
Fierce League
1. Take sections of the drawstring pony and place them on a flat surface. Hold the ends together and tease the hair with the brush.
2. Repeat until you have teased all sections of the hair.
3. Place all of the teased hair together and gently shape it into a large circle.
4. Place your index finger and thumb through the center of the hair and pinch the ponytail holder with those two fingers.
5. Continue pinching the ponytail holder with your fingers and use your other hand to pull the ponytail holder through to the other side. The ponytail holder should now be through the middle of the hair and visible on both sides.
6. Pull the ends together, loop them together and pull one end tight.
7. Place your real hair into a bun. Attach the ponytail holder of the fake bun to your real hair.
8. Bring the extra hair from the fake bun to the opposite side of your real hair and pin into place with bobby pins.
9. Work with the teasing brush and your hands to push the hair into the areas that make the best placement and pin into place. Check your progress and use your best judgment, but keep the bun center and on top of your head.
10. Pull out any pieces of fake hair that aren't fitting into the shape.
11. Tease any pieces that need it.
12. Smooth, shape and pin all pieces of the bun into place. Make the look your own and to your liking – it doesn't have to be perfect.
13. For extra flair – or to cover spots that don't look their best – add hair accessories such as a flower or jeweled pin.

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