This pulled back, knotted pony tail makes for a stunning (and easy) style

It's a universal truth that even the best of us sometimes manage to sleep through our alarm. But for those of us with longer hair, this can pose an even bigger problem. If you find yourself in the situation of having to get your hair done in mere moments, a fancy take on the classic ponytail could be a great way to go.
When you're in a rush, time is of the essence. By minimizing the tools and technical skills needed, you can take your hair from zero to hero in under two minutes. The best part? This clever style looks way more complicated than it is, tricking those around you into thinking you spent hours painstakingly achieving this look.
- One clear hair elastic.
Fierce League
1. Take dry hair in your two hands, and pull in backwards towards the nape of your neck.
2. Separate the hair into an upper and lower layer, as if you were doing a half-up style. Take the upper section hold at the crown of your head. If you have bangs or shorter layers, allow them to fall free and frame your face.
3. Split the upper section into right and left sections, then tie the two together in a knot.
4. Take a small section of the hair from the lower area which you left out of the original knot into each side of your newly created knot. Then recreate the same knotting motion. Think of it like a French braid, but only using two strands instead of three.
5. Repeat this move a final time, incorporating all of your hair. Hold at the base of your neck with one hand, and use the other to fan out the knots.
6. Secure the end of the double knotted pony tail with a clear hair band.

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