Use vacuum hose to suck in hair for the best hair hack yet

If you consider yourself Queen of all things DIY, then using your hands to create a ponytail might seem like a rudimentary chore. Graduate to another level of styling by grabbing this common household appliance: a vacuum. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to accomplish this innovative task.
Although you’re using a vacuum to style your ponytail, you should still follow the standard rules for healthy hair. Remember, a tight ponytail can lead to breakage around your hairline area, so make sure yours is loose enough to prevent damage.
- Fine-tooth comb
- Hair clips
- Ponytail holders
- Vacuum cleaner
1. Use the tip of the fine-tooth comb to create a zigzag pattern starting at your crown and moving toward your face.
Fierce League
Clip away the front portion of your hair in the meantime.
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2. To complete the back portion, repeat the same pattern at your crown and maneuver down to your neck area. You should now have two segments of hair to create your vacuum ponytail.
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3. Clip one side of hair away.
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4. Place the ponytail holder around the tip of the vacuum cleaner attachment.
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5. Put the attachment at the end of your hair and hold it there until your strands are completely engulfed.
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6. Push the ponytail holder up until it fits snuggly at the base of your ponytail.
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Voila, you’ve created a vacuum pony!
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7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 on the other side of your head. You can even connect the two ponytails to create a multifaceted style.
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